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Michael Beasley and Bill Walker are Kids of the Moment and surely they have earned that label while leading Kansas State into its NCAA tournament Midwest regional second-rounder Saturday against Wisconsin.

But there are five other freshmen dotting the Wildcats roster, and when they are together in their dorm, sobriquets, statistics and status simply do not matter.

This is especially true when they are playing video games, where Walker is viewed as the best.

"He doesn't like losing. He's crazy," said Jacob Pullen, a freshman guard from Proviso East.

So he's the best at it?

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Number #1 on 2008 Mock Draft

Looks about right. Michael B. takes the top spot on a 2008 Mock Draft by Chad Ford from ESPN insider.

  1. Michael Beasley
  2. Derrick Rose
  3. Eric Gordon
  4. DeAndre Jordan
  5. Jerryd Bayless
  6. OJ Mayo
  7. Danilo Gallinari
  8. Brook Lopez
  9. DJ Augustin
  10. Blake Griffin
  11. Anthony Randolph
  12. Ty Lawson
  13. Russell Westbrook
  14. Chase Budinger
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Greg Anthony Article

Beasley is a phenomenal talent. He is big, versatile, can shoot with range and beat people off the dribble. He is the only player in the college game who features that full repertoire from an offensive standpoint. Beasley (25.3 ppg, 12.4 rpg.) also has the great killer instinct you have to have as a scorer. Even as a freshman, he has a really good feel for how to play to his strengths. He doesn't take a lot of bad shots or force shots. His rebounding prowess makes him a rare combo. There have been guys who could score and rebound but it's been a long time since we've seen a guy as relentless at attacking the backboard as him.

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Bill Walker and Michael Beasley Effort's Produce KSU over Wagner

For weeks, Kansas State has been trying to find out just how good freshmen Michael Beasley and Bill Walker could be with both clicking at the same time.

On Saturday, the dynamic duo provided a glimpse of what could lie ahead.

Walker had 27 points and 10 rebounds, Beasley added 21 points and 10 boards, and Kansas State erupted for a dominating 101-59 win over Wagner on Saturday.

Walker scored 16 of his points in just eight second-half minutes, and at one point he and Beasley scored 17 consecutive Kansas State points.

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With The First Overall Pick In The 2008 NBA Draft

At this relatively early point, Michael Beasley, O.J. Mayo and Derrick Rose are the clear three choices for the number one overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. Unlike previous years, these three players are relatively equal in talent which will force the team that wins the lottery to greatly consider positional need.

The Knicks, Wolves, Grizzlies, Clippers are the early frontrunners for the first overall pick, but for the sake of inclusion and fun, here is who each team would likely look to select.

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K-State’s Beasley wants to pick it up in the first half

Kansas State basketball coach Frank Martin says Michael Beasley’s academic counselor is so proud of him because nobody on the team works harder at academics.

If Beasley learns how to school opponents in first halves, imagine the possibilities.

It’s almost nitpicking to take issue with Beasley’s ability to notch points at a high rate. He, after all, nearly outscored K-State’s latest opponent, Winston-Salem State, by himself.

Beasley, just a freshman, had 40 points Saturday night in the Wildcats’ 90-48 triumph at Bramlage Coliseum. In what has become a fairly common occurrence, Beasley flourished in the second half. He scored 28 points in that time frame, and it marked the ninth time in 11 games Beasley posted double figures in scoring in the second half alone.

Nobody has to tell Beasley that there are times he appears to be a different player in second halves of games compared with the first 20 minutes.

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K-State's Beasley meets the press

He looked up, back down at the plastic bottle of water wedged between his hands, and then up again.

Michael Beasley needed an answer of his own.

"What is 'The Michael Beasley Show?'" he wondered.

The simple response, if that's what the Kansas State star freshman was seeking, would have been 25.0 points and 14.3 rebounds per game, which is what Beasley is averaging this year. That's good for fifth and first, nationally. But as Sunday illustrated, it's never as simple as it seems with Beasley, the likely No. 1 choice in next year's NBA Draft, who nevertheless continues to profess his love for college life.

So Beasley provided his own answer.

"If I score 30 points and the rest of our team doesn't score, we lose, right?" he said. "So this is 'The Kansas State Show.'"

Poised, on message, and selfless — Beasley was all that and more at times inside a third-floor ballroom at the Downtown Marriott in Kansas City on Sunday, the first time he and his first-year K-State teammates were made available to the media. The reasoning for the ban, according to coach Frank Martin, was that they were ill-suited to speak on behalf of the program.

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Walker's dunk sets up Beasley

He didn't stick the landing, but the takeoff certainly was impressive.

Before Michael Beasley stole the show, Bill Walker electrified the Bramlage Coliseum crowd with a high-flying, two-handed dunk.

Walker drew a foul and ended up on his back on the floor, which only added to the theatrics.

"He stayed in the air for, like, seven seconds," Beasley said. "Bill's crazy. Bill can jump and stay in the air like an eagle."

Walker's dunk and ensuing free throw put K-State on top 48-31 and primed the sparse Bramlage Coliseum crowd for Beasley's 16-point outburst moments later.

But Walker had to watch Beasley's barrage from the bench after picking up his third and fourth fouls in the span of 20 seconds.

Walker didn't play the final 16 minutes, 20 seconds, which left the freshman forward visibly disappointed.

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Beasley the rave of the '08 mock drafts

Take your pick of National Basketball Association mock draft sites and the news is not good if you're a Wildcat.

Well, if you're Michael Beasley, the news is real good - real, real good, in fact. On each and every updated polling of the country's top draftees, it's No. 30 of the Wildcats who is No. 1 every single time, which means his time is likely short at Kansas State.

Says one service: "Beasley is an ultra-smooth, quick, versatile and athletic lefty, who plays the game with a lot of swagger. He's an all-around talent who can shoot, pass, rebound and defend -- and can effectively play both forward positions. He's also a very explosive finisher in transition."

One game shy of being one-third the way through his first collegiate season, the 18-year-old Beasley is averaging 25.0 points and 14.3 rebounds per game. The rebound figure leads the nation; the point count, which includes four games of at least 30 points, ranks fifth nationally.

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What a Class of Freshmen

Last week’s Jimmy V Classic looked like a freshman pledge meeting.

Instead of fraternities having to decide which of the campus newcomers they would allow in their ranks, college basketball fans were getting a look at some of the big names in what is becoming a freshman class for the ages.

Michael Beasley of Kansas State, Derrick Rose of Memphis and O. J. Mayo of Southern California, along with his teammate and fellow freshman co-star Davon Jefferson, were all in Madison Square Garden for the annual doubleheader that raises money for the V Foundation.

None of the rookies lit it up, but even those who hate the system had to thank the N.B.A. for changing the draft rules that allowed them to see these players for at least one season.

Last season’s freshman class was dominated by Kevin Durant of Texas and Greg Oden of Ohio State, who went on to all-American seasons and the first two spots in the N.B.A. draft, and included fine seasons by Michael Conley of Ohio State, Brandan Wright of North Carolina and Stephen Curry of Davidson.

This season, in addition to Beasley, Rose, Mayo and Jefferson, there are several first-year wonders who have caught the nation’s eye: Eric Gordon of Indiana, Kyle Singler of Duke, Kevin Love of U.C.L.A., and Donte Greene and Jonny Flynn at Syracuse.

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Jimmy V Classic Features 3 Fab Freshmen at Madison Square Garden

The motivational fodder might as well have been carried by a tuxedoed waiter, then presented to Notre Dame coach Mike Brey on a sterling silver serving dish.

In the Jimmy V Classic doubleheader Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden, three teams hit the lottery with freshmen who also will likely hit the NBA's version of the lottery in mere months.

Kansas State has Michael Beasley. USC boasts O.J. Mayo. Memphis features 2007 Illinois Mr. Basketball Derrick Rose.

Notre Dame has efficient snow removal?

"I feel like there are three teams in New York -- no one mentions us," Brey said. "I guess we don't have any NBA players. All they're talking about are the lottery picks.

"We don't have anybody being talked about on Tuesday night. It's Rose and Mayo and Beasley, the pro guys."

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